About Us

Laraib Jewellers Ltd offer unique gemstone jewellery in sterling silver at affordable prices. We are specialist in fine gemstone jewellery and pioneering men’s designs. Laraib Jewellers is newly formed retailer  with a passion for rigid design, our pieces describe the spirit of desired style.


Our vibrant collection symbolizes everyday luxury. Showcasing pure and lab grown gemstones, exquisite metals and spectacular designs, Laraib Jewellers’s  jewellery is precision-crafted and designed to last a lifetime.

All our women’s pieces are manufactured using solid sterling silver. We know that solid metals give our jewellery long life and unparalleled quality. We specialize in Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanite and other gemstones.

Laraib’s Men’s Jewellery

We believe that jewellery is for all which is why we offer our own enthusiastic men’s jewellery collection. Laraib’s Men’s Jewellery inserts style and element into a basic collection of men’s sections designed to endure.

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